BridgeShoot comes for the intuition of a wing-shooting enthusiast like you

I am Armando Caramaschi, a life-long wing-shooting enthusiast.


In this sport (which to me is a life style most of all), our first opponent is the target, and consequently what we feel inside and what we internalize. Each missed target is a small wound that burns, a loss. Just like each target hit is a true pleasure that makes you glad to be there with your shotgun in your arms, on the shooting stand.


I love that feeling of security, of being the star of the show, when at the end of a training session you have hit 24 of the 25 targets. It is that precise moment that you are supercharged, ready for the competition.


One day, determined to improve the performance of my shotgun and to eliminate any doubts or worries during the action, I had a vision that led to BridgeShoot, the range of universal ribs suitable for any type of shotgun.

After the first prototype, I worked hard to improve the ribs I had designed, reaching an excellent result: a full range that includes 8 models, with the objective of meeting all the needs of both expert shooters and beginners.


Because it does not matter how long you have been wing shooting: what counts is seeing the action, the movement, to eliminate doubts and worries. BridgeShoot, which lets you take and maintain a natural stance for shooting, allows you just that, to reach a level of security and concentration you have never felt before.


Do you want to know more about how to improve the performance of your shotgun? Click on the button to download the Free Guide on Wing Shooting and ribs.

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