Improves your aiming position.
Minimizes the error margin.

For wing shooters

BridgeShoot is the ultra-light, ultra-strong rib created by a wing shooter enthusiast for other Skeet, Trap, Double Trap and Olympic Trap.

Increase the number of targets you hit

With BridgeShoot, you will increase your standard of precision, immediately improving your results on the shooting range, minimizing performance insecurity and anxiety.

Optimum concentration and position

The BridgeShoot rib allows you to take aim from a natural position that does not strain you eye muscles, and you are ready to hit the target even more quickly.

From Shooter to Shooter

BridgeShoot is a rib designed by a wing shooter like you, who has practiced this non-aggressive sport for years, where sight and concentration is everything. One day, not wanting to replace his loved shotgun and decided to improve its performance, he had an intuition and on his own created a prototype that then, once refined, became the BridgeShoot, a universal rib, 100% Made in Italy.


Today, BridgeShoot is recognized by both expert shooters and novices as an undeniable tool that helps hit the target with maximum precision, minimizing the margin of error.


For wing shooting, you need heaps of determination, quick reflexes and perseverance. Yet at times, it is not enough. BridgeShoot gives the many shooters that use it, that extra plus to reach true success at the stand. All of this, without changing your habits at all.

Wing Shooting: How to increase the number of targets you hit with maximum precision

Discover how the rib that will help you eliminate all doubts and worries at the stand was invented. In this FREE GUIDE for wing shooting, I discuss the system that I perfected to hit the target with maximum precision and minimum margin of error.


Download the guide (it is free) and discover how to:
  • Obtain a high standard of precision
  • Immediately improve your results on the shooting range
  • Minimize insecurities and performance anxiety
  • Guarantee perfect hits even after the 20th target
  • Use an appropriate rib, made from resistant, ultra-light material
  • See the target fly and know that you’ve hit it even before you shoot


… and all of this without changing your shotgun.



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    Discover BridgeShoot, the ultra-light rib that allows you to hit the target with maximum precision.